Kula Sharings


Always a great workout sequence and I love her confident voice and how her words are full of imagery. Easy to listen to. If she narrated a novel I’d listen to it. – Holly | SYDNEY | 2019

It was really good, I’m like a new person! To be honest I thought I’d get bored but this was exactly what I needed after a crazy hectic work week! — Martha | MANILA | 2020

Jel was very welcoming and made us feel very comfortable in the first class. We left the class happy and relaxed. – Arju | SYDNEY | 2019

Not a yoga girl but Jel makes me get it. Vinyasa usually stressed me out because of the quick switches but legit A+ cueing was balanced so well with a zen voice. — Meg | MANILA | 2020

Feeling rejuvenated after that session. Will come back for more! — Paulyn | SYDNEY | 2020

I always leave feeling recharged. – Sophie | SYDNEY | 2019

It was a good class with very clear instructions. The class also had a good tempo! – Kavya | SYDNEY | 2019

My sweat was unbelievable but I loved Jel’s voice and the practice, thank you! — Zia | MANILA | 2020

What a way to begin the weekend! First Flow class, but not intimidating as I imagined. Challenging but fun! – Yoon | SYDNEY | 2019

Jel has an incredibly soothing voice, absolutely perfect for yoga that calls for stillness and peace. Thanks for affirming the movement my body constantly craves for. — Kara | MANILA | 2020

Rolls, flabs, and shakes are very much welcomed when it’s Jel teaching! Love that she can make me feel so empowered about my body and allows me to finish every session more confident than ever. — Isabella | SYDNEY | 2020

First time doing Flow… and thoroughly enjoyed it. Jel rocks! – Santiago | SYDNEY | 2019

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