Balanced workouts that make inner work worth doing.

Hi, I’m Jel. I help everyday wellness seekers who wish to make movement a part of their lives learn the skills they need to create a practice that is sustainable, empowering, and healing. Coaching you through classes that balance sweat + spirituality is what I do best. I am also a mental health advocate. I focus on what helps both your body and mind, through simple language.

Kula Jungle was born out of a desire to help others find their everyday dharma. In this virtual studio, classes are led with intention and blended with strength training. You will learn how to flow with functionality, how muscle meets mindfulness, and how you can embrace opportunities for self-discovery and self-expression through movement.

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ku • la /ˈko͞olə/

  • a Sanskrit word
  • community + tribe + clan
  • shared purpose + intentionality
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Kula Jungle

Manila, Philippines.

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Spiritual Lineage Acknowledgement

I wish to acknowledge the South Asian traditional lineage of the teachings and practice of yoga, as we know it today. I pay my respects & give gratitude to the original wisdom bearers of this tradition & their descendants.